FFL .. Day One and OMG... Another sneak peak..

Well, let's kick off with the fabulously  fierce and the delectably delicate... With a couple of the wonderful designs of Schoen that will grace the FFL scene in 2012

Schoen is the brainchild of the gorgeous Saya Littlething. To quote the Schoen Facebook page

 "Schön(Schoen) has the meaning of beauty in German. (Schön pronunciation is Schon. )"
Such a meaning was put, and it made it to the name of Schön.
The theme of Schön is [Sexy and Cute]. Its cute, and beautiful.
And, a lot of sexy commodities are handled.
Will you wear a little bold clothes and go out?

First is this dramatically simple and elegant Kimono gown "Sei". 
Simply sensational with sleek lines, following a traditional Kimono silhouette with one slight difference, the silken Obi drawn to a close in the front. It looks fabulous!!!

Also from Schoen, we have this great casual Vest, which comes in women's and men's versions. Just right for an afternoon out for a walk or even for a night out at the club. A definite must in anyone's wardrobe!

(Jewellery included in this blog was by Finesmith and poses were by Glitterati and Avante)

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