Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OMG Of corset's Voluptia

Wow, two more sets of unbelievable sensuality and irresistable appeal from Lady Vanir Dragovar at Voluptia - House of Glamour. Ladies...  We all know our men will like these, but don't you just feel fabulous in sumptous fabrics and figure flattering lingerie?  Well then, get on down to Voluptia...

BUT wait... There's more.. OMG, I sound like a television commercial..  Honestly though, the biggest plus for me with these corsets are they are... Rigged Mesh! So they move and flow with your body movement.

Ok First up, we have the ~* Drama Mesh Corset *~

Soooo scrumptious it’s almost a crime! This sassy silk burlesque inspired mesh corset comes with seven sizes to achieve the perfect fit for your form along with pretty silk matching panties and cheeky like ‘P-Bow’…not to mention the huge helping of delicious ‘Drama’ that for once you wont want to avoid!!

Available in: Black, Jade, Peach, Rose, Rouge and Violet. And can you believe this is our Lady's first foray into Mesh? I sure can't..  and it just keeps getting better..

Also from the fabulous Lady V is the ~* Precious Mesh Corset *~

Perfectly precious in every way!  This beautiful silk corset comes with seven sizes to achieve the perfect fit for your form along with a yummy diamond encrusted merkin and pretty silk matching bows for bust and hip…a perfect addition to any lingerie closet from the bride to be to the total princess!!

Available in: Ivory, Peach, Pink and White

What more do I need to say? Head on down there...  And while you're there, join the group for awesome group discounts and offers... 

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