Sunday, October 21, 2012

blackLiquid for "Tolerance is the Only Way"

Another wonderful chance to get out and put your money where your mouth is at Tolerance is the Only Way...

I am privileged to be able to show you a couple of the fabulous offerings from the beautiful and talented blackLiquid Tokyoska or . M ş  ß  . as she is currently known.

The complete ensemble above (including hair, hair base and facial hair is entitled Fuck Conventions and I have teamed this up with blackLiquid Skin - YOKO CREAM.

Above and below is the makeup blackLiquid MAKEUP - smudged lilac gloss (also available in magenta) teamed again with blackLiquid Skin - YOKO CREAM, blackLiquid BROW 1 (black) and blackLiquid HAIR - Quiff black & white 1.

So get out there and show your support. Give your money for something that matters. For more info go to

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