Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Simply Sensational with Sascha's

Wow...  Yet again another journey through the wonder that is SAS, Sascha's Designs by Sascha Frangilli..
Stylish, trendy and impeccably designed, you can't go wrong with anything from this maven of couture's store...
And boy what a journey it is, choc full of goodies and delights...

Above: SAS - Arousal Black
Below: SAS - Arousal White

Above: SAS - Damatjo Black (50% Mesh)
Below: SAS - Damatjo Magenta (50% Mesh)


Above: SAS - Damatjo Pink (50% Mesh)
Below: SAS - Damatjo Purple (50% Mesh)

Above: SAS - Damatjo Red (50% Mesh)
Below: SAS - Damatjo Royal Blue (50% Mesh)

Above: SAS - Damatjo Sea Foam (50% Mesh)
Below: SAS - Damatjo Tan (50% Mesh)

Above: SAS - Damatjo White (50% Mesh)

Above: SAS - Eternally Black
Below: SAS - Eternally White

Above: SAS - Sari Aqua Dress
Below: SAS - Sari Pink Dress

Above: SAS - Sari Purple Dress
Below: SAS - Virginia Hot Pink

So get on down to the store, don't miss out on these and other gems in the treasure trove that is Sascha's Designs.