Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The long road home...

The fiery and determined gypsy Princess Rhea is many things, but she never thought she would be the key in a plot to take her father's mantle.
Taken from her caravan as she slept, the wily princess slipped her captors, running for her life and that of her people.
Now she must cross mountains and forests fraught with rogues, villians, and more to reach the only ones that can help her.
Reah, though alone, is determined to return home to her people. Will she ever make it that far...? Home...

Isn't it amazing what fashion can evoke in one's mind and heart? These fabulous fashions were brought to you by the enchanting Banba Muircastle of Bohemian Gypsy.
*1 - BOHEMIAN GYPSY - Free Spirit in Black
*2 BOHEMIAN GYPSY - Free Spirit in Purple
*3 BOHEMIAN GYPSY - Tempremental *mesh*  (Spring Group Gift)

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