Sunday, July 21, 2013

Urania - Muse of Astronomy

How could one not be inspired by such fabulous designers as Yula Finesmith (Finesmith Jewellery), Mirja Mills (Emo-tions), Shanty Bookmite ( {MUA} ) and Azlyn Vaher (Yasum)...?

Head Adornment: Devil's love Tiara Silver - Finesmith
Facial Piercing: Devil's love Piercing Silver - Finesmith
Necklace: Devil's love necklace Silver - Finesmith
Bracelet: Kitsch couture bracelet - Finesmith
Belly Jewellery: Morning Sun Earring - Finesmith
Lashes: Lashes 01 - Finesmith
Makeup: Overseas - {MUA}
Hair: *AQUARIA* - .:EMO-tions..
Boots - *TREND BOOT* MESH * BLACK Leather - Yasum
Outfit: Dark Sun - Underground

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