Thursday, March 8, 2012

Positively Pipin's

Fresh from the wonderful world of Pipin's. Avant Garde and divinely unique, these outfits caught my eye from the moment I walked into the store..  Well and the Kimono the moment I saw them on the runway...

Gown - Lovia
This is just reminiscent of something from the Star Wars prequels, just stunning.

Gown - Pimprinelle
A sensation in scarlet, whimsical, fantastical and fanciful.

Kimono - Golden Sparkle
What more can I say? The name of this kimono says it all.

Kimono - Sun
Elegant and simple in it's design, it's simply gorgeous, my absolute favourite of the runway collection.

Gown - Trones
Futuristic, a symphony of colours and avant couture.

Kimono - Admiration
Aside from Sun this is my favourite Pipin's creation. It's light, elegant 
and graceful just as a kimono ought to be.

If you haven't been to Pipin's then you don't know what you're missing. From Avant Garde to Couture Gowns, Casual and more. 

All poses in this blog were created by Manifeste.

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