Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Voluptia - House of Glamour Part I

It was my honour and my privilege to be able to enter the recent Voluptia - House of Glamour Flickr contest...

And much to my stunned disbelief and thanks to the stunning photography of Cailyn Rowlands, that I was chosen for 3rd place in this competition of beautiful beyond belief ladies in gorgeous lingerie...

How can one not simply feel sexy and seductive with an air of mystery, drama and poise in one of Lady Vanir Dragovar's stunning creations...?

Ritzy by Voluptia - House of Glamour

What more can I or do I need to say, but this...?

Get clicking the attached SLURL in the logo below and visit a positive wonderland of sumptuous, delectable couture lingerie...

Oh and I WILL be blogging several more creations from this fabulous store in the days to come...  Keep watching this space!!!


  1. Its hard to deny how stunning you look. Thank You. <3 Vi

    1. Thank you so much, but as I said in Lady Vanir's designs it's hard not to feel glamorous...