Thursday, March 27, 2014

LDMS Model search 2014 Finals are here!!!

L O O V U S  D Z E V A V O R

 Thank you for your interest in the LD Model Search 2014 Finals!

 Unfortunately we cannot allow everybody in our location for the show, but feel free to use this AView TV hud to watch it in-world or go to to watch our event. We start at 3pm sharp, so don't be late!

And after the show, we will have an after party for our contestants and for all the Loovus Dzevavor fans at TREMPE headquarters. There, you will be able to shop the designs featured in our show, a tribute to Loovus Dzevavor 2013 Spokesmodel, Blac Quartz, who collaborated with Vikeejeah Xevion - LD CEO and Designer - in the making of this beautiful collection. The landmark for this event is in this folder.

Thank you for understanding and see you Saturday!

TREMPE Management

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