Sunday, May 4, 2014

Baboom! Need I say more...?

Well, it's been a little while, but I just had to bring you these tasty morsels of couture from the creative genius of Kyra Camel, owner and designer of...

Looking for a touch of understated, but timeless glamour? Then look no further than Yasmine, this sweet shade of blue is Sky.

Take a breath and draw in the subtle strains of spring with this vibrant, yet restrained little number, Laura.

Stand out, whether shopping with friends, heading into the office or even for a chilled out night out at the clubs with the gals...  Any of this sound familiar? Then you need Black-Stripe.

So hop in your favourite mode of transport and make a bee-line for Baboom because you know you'll regret missing out on these stunners...

Accessories are from the fabulous Finesmith, bodacious {BSD}, noted Natzuka and the vivaceous poses of {Virtual Props}. 

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