Aurora Borealis settles on Fashion For Life

Beauty incarnate is all I can say about the exquisite jewelled creations from Aurora Borealis by Sequoia Nightfire. Simply elegant and tastefully unique and these gorgeous pieces are currently available at Fashion For Life! Can you believe it?

Firstly we have the gently flowing shimmer of the Crystal Drops earrings. A soft touch of elegance for any outfit.

Secondly we have the incredible It's Time , also earrings (coming in 6 metallic shade variations).

Moving on to the dramatically opalescent Lara Pearl Set in blue. Timeless and  elegant, adding a breath of class to any ensemble.

And lastly, but by no means least, I have the privilege to show you the Eggcellent Set, with vibrant earring and necklace. Perfection for that fun event or party.

So don't wait, get your stilettos or pumps on and glide on down to Fashion For Life to snatch up these gorgeous sets before it's too late. They're simply not to be missed.

(Jewellery already included in this blog and poses were by Avante) 

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