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Today I have the privilege of bringing to you 3 creations from Evolve's Sista Gurl line by Reign Congrejo. What I have learned of Evolve and of Reign's creative genius is that no two garments are the same in a collection, every one is unique, rich and full of life.

I did a little research and discovered that Reign's heritage was a huge driving force behind this range.

Beautiful, affordable and durable...  Never out of style..  Check them out at Fashion For Life..

I'm only sad because I only get to show you 3...

The first of these is CHIOMA.
Stylish, Feminine with a hint of playfulness.
definitely something I'll wear round the 
office or out and about.


Secondly we have KAYODE.
Exotic, sporty, yet urban chic.
I could happily go shopping, clubbing or 
get lost in the jungle in this.

Lastly and reluctantly because it is so, I bring you Kellan.
I chose to dress this up with a mask for Mardi gras
But you could do so much with it, like go out dancing.

So don't forget to pop on in and check out the other 
items offered by Evolve at FFL and give generously by
satisfying your urge to splurge. Shop till you drop ladies!!!

(Jewellery included in this blog was by Finesmith and poses were by Glitterati and Avante) 

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