Rage is in the House @ FFL

Yay! House of Rage comes to Fashion For Life!
My all time favourite house of design. 
The culmination of talents between Lybra Rage, Lovelymiwako7399 Menna, Topaz Joubert and Nox Deigan.
Truly unique, if spartan at times in it's design, 
any garment from House of Rage is a Masterpiece of modern 
innovation and avant flair.

Above and Below:  House of Rage - HEARTLESS - Oleander

Above and Below: House of Rage - HEARTLESS -Belladonna

 Above and Below: House of Rage - Gitta (Silver)

I fell in love with HoR before I even saw a garment, and to date I think I now have around 23 of them. Obsessed or what? Nope, just the mark of a fantastic fashion house, that keeps you hooked, coming back collection after collection after collection.

(Jewellery not included in this blogand poses were by Avante and Manifeste) 

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