Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Impressions of Il Sogno - Nighttime Reverie Collection

Please allow me to introduce the stunningly stylish designs of Il Sogno  from the insightful mind of O(ocassus jayaram).

Il Sogno - Angelista Dress - Black and White - Solid

IL SOGNO - Flora Outfit (Peplum Jacket and Diamond Skirt)

Il Sogno - Ava Gown - Midnight - Fitmesh and Rigged

Il Sogno - Ava Gown - Ruby - Fitmesh and Rigged

Il Sogno - Ava Gown - Sapphire - Fitmesh and Rigged

IL SOGNO - Synnaria Gown- Dark Silk

An incredible collection from a talented designer..  So scoot on down and grab these amazing items before they're gone!

Accessories by PoSEsioN, Corpus, Finesmith, MiWardrobe, ghee, Miss C, Diva and Meghindo's.

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