Sunday, September 7, 2014

Just Jumo for Rock Your Rack 2014

When I was given the privilege to blog for Rock Your Rack 2014, I was excited...  But now I'm overwhelmed with the talent of the designers...  You really need to go check them out...

But for today I bring you an array of immaculate and sensual design from .:Jumo:.

Sadly due to RL this may be the only designer I get time to blog for RYR..

The following items were made exclusively for The Rock Your Rack Event, they are unique and only a few pieces will be sold at this event, then they will be removed from sale.

RYR - Temptation Dress and Believer Necklace

RYR - Desirable Gown Red

RYR - Couture Gown in Gold

RYR - Manhattan Heels Sequin and Charmed Dress

All accesories and poses other than the necklaces were from PoSeSioN, Ammaci,  EMO-tions and Finesmith.

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